is this a good hard drive?

i don't know a lot about hard drives, but i guess a high RPM and a high cache is what i should be looking for? i found this one here
its the Western Digital 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB (WD5000AAKS)

is it good?
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  1. any harddisk from Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung (and Maxtor) is a good one. there are some differences (some offer 5 years warranty instead of 3, some are quieter than others, some are a bit faster) but if you don't care than that is a good one. if you want to learn more, there's a harddisk comparison in tomshardware articles.
  2. The AAKS drives from WD are awesome (i actually have 5 of those in my array). It also depends on what you want thought... The Seagates at 750 and over "7200.11" drives are slightly faster than some others currently
  3. what are you going to do with it?
  4. That's a good fast drive. WD has pretty good reliability.

  5. Check out these hard disk cahrts:
  6. I would probably do some research and pick up one of these:
  7. I have 3 of those wd5000AAKS disks. No complaints, they're fast and quiet. However, I would buy WD7500AAKS today because it's faster. It costs more per GB but it's worth it IMO.
  8. Good drives. The AAKS drives are really nice.
  9. Very few new drives are not good.
    Only spend a lot if you KNOW you need it.
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