P35-DS3P audio driver problem

I just built a new system.

MB - P35-DS3P
CPU - Q6600
VGA - 7900GS KO
RAM - Blistix 800
PSU - Corsair HX 520w
Case - Antec P180B
HDD - Samsung 400GB

This is my first official build and I am running into driver problems. I am running windows XP 64 bit. When I go to install the drivers for the on board sound (ALC 889A) the driver installation GUI gives me an error saying this windows patch must be installed before the driver can be installed. That shouldn't be too complicated right?... WRONG!!!

I download the patch and I go to install it... an error message comes up saying there is a more updated version of this software already installed... but obviously its not good enough since the HD Audio driver fails to install because it needs a patch!!!

Is there a way to force install a patch like there is in linux! I hate when Microsuck just assumes you are too dumb to know what you are doing and doesn't let you do it!!!!

what would you do in this situation? Please help me out I am running out of options.

PS. I downloaded the drivers off the gigabyte site and those failed to install as well.
PPS. Sorry about not posting any links to the exact problem patch.... I am at work and I don't have access to the exact link. Hopefully I'll post those this afternoon.

Please let me know if you need any other info.... THANK YOU!
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  1. I also have the same motherboard and the same problem. I cannot get any sound out of the machine. Will not recognise sound card driver etc etc etc. Getting extremely frustrated.

    Please help.
    hello I configured a new computer for a friend , and since finishing off the system I have no sound on his system I have downloaded the latest drivers for his board but it still wont work ... I keep getting an error code of 22 in device manager

    Model Name : GA-P35-DS3P (rev. 1.x)
    M/B Rev : 1.0
    BIOS Ver : 1.0
    Serial No. : SN0722000037
    Purchase Dealer :
    C/tick Number :
    VGA Brand : GIGABYTE Model : GA-8600GT
    CPU Brand : Intel Model : 6320 Speed :
    Operation System : Win XP SP :
    Memory Brand : IG DDR800 Type : DDR
    Memory Size : 2 gig Speed : 2 gig
    Power Supply : 450W W

    Antec sonata case
    2x Asus Sata DVDRW
    2X 500G Sata HDD
    Logitec X 530 speakers
  2. I have one of the Gigabyte G33 microATX boards with the same problem. Everything is working great but I have no audio. Everytime we reboot the system, it notices we have a MEDIA device with no driver but we can not get the drivers to load. The realtek drivers always fail to load.

    I am sure one of the folks at THG can figure this out.

    I could sure use some help. This is my wife's computer and I hate the constant questions about when it will be fixed.
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