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AHCI or RAID? Not sure where to post.

Hi. I'm new to the forums.

Is it best to install an OS with AHCI or RAID? I know there are differences, and advantages to each (and to each RAID setup). I plan on doing upgrades soon and want to install a new Vista or Win7 (depending on cost when I look, I may be able to get a cheaper Vista Home Premium).

I learned recently: Some motherboards only allow you to access eSATA external drives with AHCI or RAID setup. Some also allow you to use all internal only if you have AHCI or RAID instead of IDE.

I'v been told to pick which option I want in the bios before installing the OS, and switching them can cause driver conflicts later.

Someone told me Vista does not have AHCI and RAID drivers native to the OS, only win7. But I read contradictory to that. So what is it?

I understand that some motherboards require a person to install AHCI or RAID drivers via Floppy A drive, I'd have to check into a motherboards model obviously. I have heard that a flash card may work, can anyone confirm this?

Thank you.
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  1. windows 7 + SSD = AHCI
    that's what you should do..
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  3. What about Vista and SSD's? Win7 has the trim, etc....
  4. OCZ Technology 60 GB Vertex 2 Series SATA II
    OCZ released their latest Vertex SSD firmware that will support TRIM.

    OCZ will release their TRIM utility that is functional on Vista 32 and 64bit very soon. It's for Vertex SSD's only and does not support any other SSD's.
  5. Dows anyone know if there is a projected time frame for the drives to get bigger and cheaper? I'v found a 512 Gb I think, a Ram one. I need at least 1Tb+.

    I do media: Music, Photo, Video and some( not much) Graphic Design.
  6. no.
    i recommend a samsung spinpoint f3 1TB..
  7. Thanks, never seen one that large yet. I'll take a look.

    But it's not a ssd.

    I did learn about the drives with more than one spindle, this explains some products I looked at and didn't it's not too too bad.
  8. oh, you want the biggest SSD you can get.?
    pretty damn expensive..
  9. That's what I meant malmental. 1Tb+ SSD's that are $150 or less. Lets bring in those 10Tb drives and get something going..............:)

    Thank you fro the links and replys.
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