Conservative Q6600 Overclock Build?

I'm getting ready to build a Q6600 (Q0) system. Can anybody suggest a reasonably conservative build for an overclocked Q6600 system?

I've read a lot of OC threads here, and most of them seem a bit too extreme for my taste. Lots of fans, extra voltage, the best components, high temperature, everything to squeeze every bit of performance from an overworked CPU.

All I really want is a conservative build that would give me reasonobly good performance boost, without too much risk.

My last attempt at building an overclocked system was the Celeron 300A back in college, oc'ed to 450 mhz. It was a very stable system that hardly required any modifications to system components at all. The computer served me well for many, many years.

Is there a reasonable target OC for a Q6600? I expect the PC to remain operational for the next 4+ years, so I'm not willing to take too many risks.

I'd appreciate any advice.
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  1. A year later, I have the same question..

    What is a reasonable target OC for a Q6600 (G0)? What GHz can you get it up to without increasing the voltage? How high can you go and still use it all day, every day?

    (While you are at it, it'd be helpful if you mention the mobo you used for this as well..)
    Thanks a lot for any replies!
  2. could you list the specs of your build and roughly what you are expected to overclock to.
  3. that's exactly my question -- how high can I take a Q6600 and expect to use it day in and day out?

    I haven't bought my parts yet and that's why I am asking.. but if you must know, I was thinking of buying a Gigabyte GA-P35 mobo with DDR2 800 memory.

    Can you take a Q6600 to 3.0 GHz for example without changing Vcore? Can you leave at that setting for daily use for a couple of years?
  4. yes and no... while 3ghz is really a "conservative" OC and shud NOT damage ur processor, its not a guarantee tat u wont have to increase voltage.. some chips run hotter and some cooler.. some OC higher n some lower.. It depends on wat u get :) But, FWIW, I am running 6600 @ 3ghz since the past year (24/7) and my temps dont exceed 45 under load (prime95). Been as high as 3.6 for benchmarking..
  5. qu - For a q6600, I would certainly suggest getting the -DS3R or -DS3P MB instead of the -DS3L, as the former two have more robust CPU power circuitry in addition to other extra features.
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