Where did the eyecandy go?

I usually select "adjust for best performance" in control panel to speed things up. The other day I had to run PCMark06 and it told me to select "adjust for best appearance" in order to run the test properly, so I did that. To my surprise, when I select it, and click apply, nothing happens. Windows still look exactly the same, I get none of XP's visual effects.
Now I am not particularly interested in XP's eyecandy, but I am kind of concerned about what's going on with my computer. Is this a virus or video card issue or windows issue?
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  1. You have to enable XP's default theme to get the "eyecandy". If you've selected Windows Classic as your theme, you won't notice a lot of difference.
  2. When I go change theme, the only ones listed are:
    - current theme
    - modified theme
    - classic theme

    There is no option for Windows XP Default. Could I have accidentally deleted it?
  3. When you select either of the two other than Classic, you should see a preview of the desktop that will indicate whether or not all the display features are enabled. If it shows a green Start button, then you know that you have the correct theme selected. If it shows a Start button similar to Win 9x / 2000, then the Classic theme is still enabled.

    You may also have to go to the Appearance tab and make sure that Windows Classic style isn't selected under Windows and buttons.
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