Installed a chipset update and now i can't boot into windows

i recently installed an update for my nforce 570 chipset (, it installed without error, restarted fine, posted fine, but when the windows logo came up the blue bar seemed to lag/skip as it loads windows and then once its done it just dosent load anything and i am stuck with a black screen.
Here's my setup btw: AMD 6000+, Asus M2N-E 570 ultra, BEG 7950 GT OC, 500W seasonic PSU, and 2 gigs of OCZ 6400-800mhz. Someone help me please!!!!
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  1. Did you install windows with the sata ports in IDE mode?
  2. i dont know... but i didn't install anything recently except the chipset update
  3. Have you tried booting into Safe Mode and see if you can get into Windows that way?
  4. not yet, is it F8 that brings me to the menu that lets me choose?
  5. Yes it is F8, then go to device manager, right click my computer, chose manage, select device manager. Then try to roll back the driver on the update. If that does not work, you could always boot the Xp disc and go to the recovery console.
  6. ok thanks so much, i will definatly try that. if it doesnt work you will here from me :D
  7. ok so i tried to boot in safe mode and it worked, i succesfully booted to the login screen... but it was downhill from there. My mouse and keyboard arn't working so i cant login, they have power, i just can't move the cursor to click on an account.
    and just a question from what paq7512 said, if i use the recovery console will that erase my harddrive?
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