Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB to 640 MB Advise??? help

I need advise on this issue. I can't decide myself. I have EVGA 8800 GTS 320MB super clocked which has 25 days left on Step-up program. . I love eye candy in games. My monitor supports max 1440x900 resolutions. I am really looking forward to crysis. Should I upgrade to 640 Mb versions. It’s 100 dollars more for base model and 130 dollars for super clocked version. Am I good with 320MB on 1440X900?????

My computer

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Intel DP35DP Motherboard.
Kingston 667MHZ 2Gb Dual Channel (1GBx2)
Kingston 667MHZ 1Gb Dual Channel (512MBx2)
Seagate 320GB HD
EVGA 8800 GTS 320 MB Superclocked
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
Samsung SyncMaster 941BW LCD
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  1. In my opinion you won't need the 640MB version, but that's my personal opinion.
  2. generally everyone reckons that none of the current gfx cards (save sli 8800gtx/ultra's) will be able to run crysis on max gfx, and for most current games, I think the 320 should be fine
  3. It's very hard to say at that resolution. Anything lower I'd be certain the 320 version is fine, anything higher and I'd vote for the 640 MB version.

    How does the step-up program work? If you do upgrade to the GTS 640 MB, do you get another 90 days in which you can upgrade the 640 MB to the 9800 GTX or whatever will come out next? Or is it over and you don't qualify for the program any more? Or do you just get the remaining several days ?

    How much are shipping costs? I assume you pay to send your old card there and to get the new one to you.

    How much time do you have to live without a card while the exchange takes place?

    Are you planning to upgrade the monitor to 1920x1200 or more some time soon?
  4. the 320mb will be fine for 1440 X 900 resolution. In fact, there is no difference between the 320 and 640 versions untill you go HIGHER then 1600 X 1200, You could probably even upgrade your monitor to a widescreen 1680 X 1050 and still be fine. The extra memory is only used at the higher resolution. In fact, the superclocked 320 will outperform the stock 640. Just search tomshardware and anandtech and you will find articles that compare the 320 to the 640 version. they have both done reviews on them.
  5. I run at 1680x1050 and I have a 320mb. I looked at the benchmarks and the difference is barely anything at all. Imo definitely not worth another $100 for a few more fps.
  6. ive got an 8800gts 320 and my monitor is also 1440x900 and it seams to run every game perfectly at max settings with AA and AF. i get about 100 fps in games like FEAR, battlefield 2, counter strike source and call of duty 2. As for crysis i have no idea
  7. 1440x900 should be low res enough for a 320mb card. I would recommend stepping up if you played at 1920x1200. :P
  8. For what you run,no.But I always recommend the 640 over the 320 simply because of the extra memory.You can never have too much vram.I do think that the 320 will not be quite as effective as the 640 for maximum eye candy.But if you are on the step up program,then why not look into the 8800GTX?It has awesome performance for a video card,and it will literaly power its way through crysis with ease,just like Oblivion.Goodluck.


    ATHLON64 X2-5600+
    EVGA 7950GT KO
    2X1GIG DDR2 800 MEMORY
    WD SATA2 80/250GIG HD
  9. Good point. With all the waiting and shipping and so on you might as well go for the GTX to make it really worth the effort. The difference between GTS 320 and GTS 640 is too small at your resolution to be worth all that.
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