edit: *** I was wrong........ I misread.... no problem with EVGA ***
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  1. I don't remember the eVGA program EVER offering you to buy from someone else. Even back when the GTX/GTS first came out and we said buy the GTS and then if the R600 doesn't come out on time (which it didn't) then upgrade to the GTX. Even back then it was with the understanding that you buy the best price from online, but you're stuck with eVGA's price for any step-up program.

    So if you have something that shows a different story I'd love to see it, but I've always seen the eVGA program explicitly state the replacement upgrade is obtained from them and the value of your previous pruchase is put towards their pricing of whatever you wish to buy. Which is why it's best when dealing with transitional cards bought early or late in a cycle, when the difference in replacement costs is little between eVGA and places like NewEgg.

    It's still better than some people's system (ATi's is almost useless) but obviously not as good as you thought/hoped.
  2. Heya Ape,

    Seen you around the forums and respect what you have to say. But I do gotta say I'm a careful person and always check things out before jumping in. It was there in the fine print, 3 months ago. I wish I had saved a copy of the page(actually maybe I have, but it would be on my windows drive, I finally changed to Linux). It was either on their 'Terms and Conditions' page or their their Official Step-Up FAQ. I don't remember for sure which page it was on but it was there. I'm thinking near the bottom of the FAQ. It said something of the sort that you may purchase from a retailer. I know you just still had to be registered, send old card to EVGA etc...

    I do see on the T&C page Updated (7-06-2007) . Perhaps this is when it changed, perhaps this was not part of the offer before I don't know except that it was when I purchased. I just feel shafted and will be going with another company from now on. Nice to talk to ya GGA, take care.

    note: edited for clarity,,, and also to say the rep I talked to confirmed that it had changed...
  3. I understand, just letting you know, alot of us have dealt with this either for ourselves or our friends, and it's been that way for a while (many people have encountered this), however it could easily be that some dipshaft at eVGA changed their webpage when updating something, and then they changed it back.

    If you've got a copy of it, it'd be good to try and resurrect it.

    I just purchased a new laptop, and I copied their entire agreement, saved a copy on my home and work computers, and even printed out a copy. It's a little extreme, but it's worth it when dealing with companies that start with such things in the first place.

    Anywhoo, hope you can find the original copy, and if you don't check google or old forums posts, people often cut/paste the entire policy into fourm posts.

    I'd check for ya', but I'm just checking in here before finishing up at work.
  4. Wow thanks for the offer, but no need less you really feel like it. Guess now I'm bothered more by the fact that what I'm sure I read is different than the common consensus. Guess it's a mystery. Looking into archives but not finding. Gonna have to have a go at the old drive. It's dyin which is why I put Linux on a new drive but I'm gonna look anyway.

    Things like what I said should come with proof, but with the world we live in now, accusations seem to be what matter. Gotta get in my 2 cents when I feel it necessary. Take care.
  5. Speaking from the business world, any program that allows a benefit to the customer is always going to be written in restrictive language to protect the vendor from customers seeking to financially benefit from the program at the expense of the vendor.

    Yes Newegg is selling the EVGA cards. Sometimes at a discount, sometimes at a very substantial discount. Those discounts is what Newegg and other companies like Newegg are using to attract customers. Buying at a discount may mean that you automatically loose certain benefits, such as a game being included with a card, or maybe another discount or special offer at a later date.

    The manufacturer is NOT selling at a discount. Instead the manufacturer has choosen to sweeten the pot through offers of other benefits.

    The marketing programs of EVGA and Newegg have two different purposes. Newegg wants a single transaction. Money today. EVGA's marketing department wants frequently returning customers. For most computer GPU buyers the Newegg program is better as the customer is going to buy a card today and use the card for many months or even years. EVGA's program is better for the guy that wants to live on the cutting edge by always trying the newest GPU, for the guy that is constantly moving up to a better card.

    Newegg could participate in the exchange program. Newegg has choosen not to participate.

    EVGA could drop the exchange program and sell at a lower price. EVGA has choosen not to make such a change.

    But you want to use both programs to your financial benefit.

    Tacky, tacky, tacky.

    And when you didn't get your way you whined on the forum.

    Well witching and bitching because you can't find a way to save a buck by slimming around a generous step-up program does not seem like a very adult thing to do.

    End of rant.
  6. Not sure about your issue, but I've had nothing but good experiences with Step-up.

    For my last one, I traded in 2 7900 GTOs for 2 8800 GTXs. This was back in November and right after the 8800 series was released. They had the cards listed almost immediately, and the process was super easy. I remember everyone being concerned they wouldn't list the new cards in the program for months, but evga came through. The only thing evga didn't do was send someone to my house to pack the boxes. Yes, the listed price for the 8800s was $50 above what they were going for on Newegg at the time, but the $500 I got for the GTOs was well worth it.

    When the new cards arrived, one had an nVidia manufactuers sticker on it instead of the cool black evga one. They even offered to send me a new sticker. They really do know the value of brand loyalty imo.
  7. You need to think logically, why would you send your graphics card back to EVGA, and get a card from Newegg?

    It would just end up losing Newegg money, since they're not getting your old card back.

    And it stated you could buy the original card anywhere you wanted, not the card you're stepping up to.
  8. Quote:
    The step-up program is a privilege, or a bonus. It's not a product they are selling. You don't have to take advantage of it, eVGA doesn't expect you to.

    I think qwertycopter is absolutely right about this. Infact you can say that EVGA has gone above and beyond for there customers. I don't think there another company that offers a step-up program. I also have looked into this many times before and its always been the same as far as I'm aware of.

    I think you should feel fortunate that you at least have this option.
  9. My friend,I've been buying EVGA video cards for a long time now.And I can honestly say that whenever I've entered the step-up program,the instructions were very clear.I was required to send the existing card to EVGA,along with the agreed upon amount,and within a couple weeks,my new card was at my door.Not once,however was I ever informed that I could do the step-up through a local retailer.Yes,I could do RMA's through a local retailer,but the step-up was exclusive to EVGA.I've always been very happy with EVGA's customer support program.Goodluck.


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  10. Quote:
    The step-up program is a privilege, or a bonus. It's not a product they are selling. You don't have to take advantage of it, eVGA doesn't expect you to. It's there for those that need it. It's not like they sold you a guarantee here;

    While I agree with pretty much everything else you wrote, and agree with the spirit of what you wrote above, it's actually not correct in a legal sense.

    That something is a Free Bonus or additional feature to the norm does not negate the responsability. It is a feature on which eVGA sells their card, and receives alot of their recommendations so it would be included. It's similar to anyone who bought an R9800XT/9600XT who was promised a copy of HL2 or those who buy an HD2K series and are promised the new valve software; that's it's 'free' and a bonus would not negate that obligation if it's an advertised and promoted feature.

    If it were in writing as the OP remembers it then it would be something where he could demand proper satisfaction from the company within the spirit of that offfer. However in order to make that claim in this case he'd definitely need that proof that it is different than it appears now, and most of us remember it.
  11. That is something that makes Archive.Org so nice.

    But in this case it can be shown that in general it has always been like EVGA claims. It could always have been different for a brief period, but you will have a tough time proving it.
  12. I believe the OP wasn't clear on the wording... you can buy the FIRST card from a retailer and then step-up by going through EVGA. I think the way virtually everyone (except the OP) has defended the Step-Up program pretty much shows what a solid program it is. If I'm ever in the market for a high end video card, I'll definitely keep EVGA in mind just for that reason.
  13. Time for me to eat crow I believe. I see now I must have misread the program guidelines and the only right thing to do is retract what I said. Don't know how I got so stuck on it.

    EVGA was not wrong.

    Guess I've been shafted so many times by companies lately I was ready to blow up and finally did. Too bad it was at an innocent company. Cool that people wrote in and set readers straight, because I do hate misinformation, and sorry I started it. Should have spoke up about the true ripoff companies like Linksys, DLink, Logitech, Xion, Sirius and others who are practicing the rebate fraud that is pi**in me off.
    Again my mistake. Peace.
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