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Hi guys (and gals) so I just got an HP dc5750, Vista capable (4 GB of ram, Athlon Dual Core, etc etc) and I purchased 2 250 GB hard drives so I can raid 0 them. Upon running the Vista install, it kept asking for a driver, saying that the media CD could not locate the driver. Didn't know what that meant, but I trial and errored until I got the raid driver on a USB drive and got Vista going. When I got into the "pick what drive you want to install it on" it gave me four partitions. One partition is 222.8GBs, and it says primary. The second partition says "unallocated" and is only 7MB. The third is as 10GB and it also says primary. The last partition is 232.8GBs. How the heck do I configure this? I'm very new to RAID, not so new to computers, so if you need any more information please ask! In the end what I want is to run both 250s striped, so I have a 500GB drive running at optimum performance. I tried installing Vista Business on the first primary drive to see what would happen, and I have a 222 GB drive, and the rest isn't even seen. Please help!

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  1. I would guess that you need to run a RAID setup utility (possibly in BIOS).

    On my (old) computer, there's one command option to enter BIOS, and shortly after, and command option to enter RAID setup.

    It also sounds like you'll need to (re)partition your drives to make maximum use of their capacity.

    Good luck.
  2. I changed some settings in the Bios, I guess that would have been helpful info too.... I changed the SATA to RAID, and did a RAID config at the beginning... I'll hafta redo the config to let you know what the exact wording is for the RAID config...
  3. You might have to create a RAID driver floppy disk or put the files on a thumb-drive. RAID drivers usually don't come with the OS so a lot of times the Mobo manufacturer will send out a floppy disk with the RAID drivers on them. Since you got your PC from HP, you probably never received the RAID disk. So! You could go to the HP site and see if they have RAID drivers for Windows installation and put them on a floppy or thumb-drive, then when it asks for the drivers, voila!

    Good luck
  4. Leo I did that, I guess my question is this: When it comes to the formatting the drives part, what do I do?
  5. Delete the partitions on the RAID 0 array and create a new 500 GB partition. You can do this from the Vista install.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys! I actually got it working! Jim I did exactly what you said, deleted them from the Vista install!
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