Verto 6800GT running very hot!

I've been suspicious that my Verto 6800GT has been overheating for a while and I just got around to monitoring it while playing with the fan speed. The thing is idling ~80 deg C and quickly shoots up to its 120 deg cutoff when I push it. What's more, playing with the fan speed does NOTHING. It idles at 80 C whether I have the fan at dead or going full speed. I just dusted the card/fan and it made very little difference. There is a little nameplate (see pic) that maybe should be taken off?? Also as you can see I have plastic case latches that maybe aren't conducting heat properly away from the copper bar of the card?

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  1. k thats kind of retarded..

    yeah i have a pair of xfx 6800gs xxx's and they max out at around 65c sometimes 70c. they are overclocked from 485/1100 to 530/1280

    but i did some modding to get them there..
    if you can find a K8 or Duron fan somewhere you can take off the face plate and mount it in two spots using a couple of screws.... or if you cant get it. the K8 fan is a bit hard to get on .. but the duron one will fit pretty nicely..

    but even soo.. my cards idle at startup at around 40c and 46-8 after a bit of use. so your card is being a tard face..

  2. Hell I can see dust on the heat sink just by looking at the picture you posted. I have the exact same card in an older machine but it is a vanilla 6800 and it never gets above 40 C. You could take the heat sink off and clean it up then reapply some arctic silver and reset the heat sink and see if that makes a difference.
  3. yep there was dust under the cover all along the heatsink's intake and now it's idling ~60 C (it's hot here!)

    noob prob solved thx
  4. Start by cleaning the heatsink thoroughly.If the problem still persists,then you might have to remove the heatsink and apply new thermal grease.Just remember to clean the old stuff off first.If that fails,then try going to the website and see if they have a bios update for the card.Goodluck.


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