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Please help getting my data back. I did a reinstall of XP Home, but before I did that I did a transfer wizard of my files and settings to another hard drive on the same computer. Then after the reinstall I ran the program again and it said it couldn't find the file. So I did what rockt111 had said to do which was to run it again, except say that this is the Old computer, save to desktop and then delete all but the status file, then copy and paste the old files into the new one. Well that worked, except the file is to big to work, meaning I have a 300GB Hard drive, and the wizard saved 268GB. So when I replace the file, it now has 268GB of files in it and now my C: drive says it does not have enough room. Any suggestions on how to get the stupid files back? I want to throw the computer out of the window at this point. Thanks
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  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Transfer Wiz, the original one (supplied by MS) had a few "problems".
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