Computer restarts itself; now it won't verify dmi pool data.

I had just finished playing an online, 3d game when my computer spontaneously reset. I did not execute any command to do so. When it restarted, it booted normally until it tried to verify the dmi pool data. Then it just stayed like that; obviously not verifying. I went to bed and in the morning, I had the same problem. I tried switching ram slots, unplugging my external drive, etc. I know my data is still there; I was able to get into a recovery mode as my old hdd was premade from hp. I opened regedit and browsed through the folders via the file viewer by switching the files to search for to all files. My specifications are as follows (I apologize for the lack of caps; I'm typing this on a bad computer with no shift key and an autocomplete feature.

Gigabyte motherboard (not sure model)
Pny geforce gtx 260 core 216
Core 2 extreme qx6850
4gb ddr2 corsair dominator pc85000
Vista ultimate x64
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    article is a bit old, but should be accurate

    i'd start with rebuilding the master boot record (you can google on how to do that)
  2. I have tried booting from my install disk, but nothing happens except:

    Verifying Pool Data...
    Boot from CD/DVD:
  3. usually it says to hit any key to continue
  4. Yeah... it's SUPPOSED TO, anyway. But it doesn't; it just stays like that. I've tried a Home Premium 32 bit disk and it loads perfectly fine.
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