Ultra 120 extreme and my Q6600 Problems

So I have the Evga 680i board and drilled the hole in the backplate of the 120 to let that little transistor or whatever it is go through so the backplate rests flat on the board.

However, I noticed with all 4 spring screws in the PC would not post and just -- on the Motherboard error screen. I take the screw on the bottom left closest to the back of the case and the video card and it works just fine. It seems that somehow by screwing in that 4th screw is unseating the Q6600 is my guess. I tested it multiple times and every time I screw it in nothing works -- take it out and bam boots up fine.

Is it okay to only have 3 screws holding the 120 in place? So far it does not seem like it has moved at all and my idle temp is 31-32 C. Thoughts?
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  1. Well...try not screwing it in too hard. If you're putting to much pressure there is a chance it won't post. I've heard people have problems like this with the tuniq tower. I have a tuniq tower though..not a thermalright ultra...maybe you are having similar problems.

    Just a thought..
  2. Yeah so I should not screw the other 3 all the way in? I have those all 3 screwed in all the way and even barely getting the 4th screw in causes it not to post. I cannot put the 4th screw in at all.

    Think I am ok with only 3?
  3. you definitely have to screw all 4 in to keep it in place..if the plate is like mine...the four spread out to different corners to latch the heatsink straight down on the cpu. What I mean by don't screw hard enough is don't screw it too tight. I've heard people over tightening the screws on tuniq towers and the computer wouldn't post. but after loosening up the screws slightly it would post.

    One of my screws actually broke..which was quite sad..I used some JDweld and got that sucker back on there. I screwed my top ones slightly tighter then my bottom screws since the wait of the hs would pull down on the board. Just make sure you are getting good contact but don't over tighten...then power the sucker on and see if it'll post...make sure to check your temperatures..

    I don't have a C2D but for your temps..they don't seem bad. could anyone verify if his temps are right for a quad core c2d?...31-32c idle doesn't seem that bad...
  4. Oh okay -- so maybe loosen up the other 3 some so that I can actually screw all 4 in. I will definitely do so then.

    Update -- Yep worked like a charm. Loosened other 3 screws like 1 1.2 turns and now could screw the 4th one in a few turns and boots up fine. Kept screwing the 4th in 1/2 turn until it stopped posting and works like a charm now. Thanks.
  5. anytime ^_^...I was going to tighten mine pretty tight until I read peeps had problems with it. So I just made sure not to tighten mine and never ran into the problem. odd problem though when you think about it...ENJOY YOUR NEW RIG! =D...I'm getting my new rig within years end...going for a 3.2 prescott and x700 to a g92/penryn/x38 is going to be quite a jump ^_^..::giddy clap::
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