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Is Vista a good gaming OS?

My father has a copy of Vista and I would like to install it. I know you need extra RAM for playing games on Vista instead of 1gb you need 1.5gb. I will have 4gb. does that mean that I can only use 2.75gb for gaming or does it mean that I will still have 3.5gb for gaming? does the extra half a gig only apply to the first gig?

Thanks in advance. =D
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  1. It might be ok with 4gb.. I wouldn't advise any less, I've never even been able to watch short videos on youtube with my 1gb and Vista. Yet I know people with less specs and no vista who have never had any problems.
    Hope this helps!
  2. I might have made it unclear. For each gig of RAM I use do I need to give away a half of RAM to the OS?
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    No, Vista is not a good gaming OS.
    Vista the OS by itself is average at best with at least SP1 installed, slightly better with SP2.
    Win7 is where you need to be.
    4GB or less than I'd run a 32-bit of Win7; if going 4GB or more then look into the compatibility issues and see about running Win7 64-bit.
    I wouldn't even think about dropping back down to XP anymore
    Win7 or get a mac.. (just kidding, no macs..)
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