Need advice on a new PSU, relatively urgent

Hi, I am planing on buying a new gpu a 1950xt (512mb's) in addition to my current system:
- Asus P5W-DH Deluxe motherboard
- E6600 CPU
- 2 GIGs of ram
- one SATA hd(will add one probably later, in IDE One for backup)
- one dvd drive
- one dvd RW drive
- 7 80mm fans
- Thermaltake fan controller (with small LCD screan)

I am presently using a 480W psu , but i thas not enough Amps so I need to get a new one to support the new gpu(my current one is a x850xt). I have a UPS which is rated at 900W (1500 AVR) and i have a 144 W LCD monitor connected to teh UPS (except teh computer), as well as a oldie Logitech wireless laser mouse

I am looking for a new PSU, would someone be kind enough and please recommend me a brand, or a specific type?

I calculated that I need around 560W one, but wanted to stay "futureproof" and go with a higher Watage one, for a future dx10 card.
would a 700W be an overkill?
since my UPS only is reted 900W, i dont want to go over that limit(nor get too close to it, since tehn the UPS's batteries will not turn on in case of an outage...had a different model which did that, so I dont want to have the situation repeat itselfe)
Or should I go with a 650W psu? since I'm not planing on having crossfire set up. the only future upgrade i might do is add 1 more hd (to have 2) and get a dx10 gpu in about a year and a half or 2 years, but by then i guess the more power efficient cardss will appear ;)...hopefully)

Will a 650W PSu be sufficient, or would i need to get a 700W one? what brand is good? what should i look for in a good psu? btw im planing on spending not more than $150 on a psu, since i think its enough considering im getting a new psu and gpu at teh same time, and I am a bit short on $$

Thank You for all thoughts on this issue.
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  1. 650W should be fine. some brands i trust are ultra and thermaltake. in a good psu you should look for a lot of amps, enough power, enough of the right connectors, and make sure it fits.
  2. I really like Corsairs HX620 and as I have two of them that's what I'm going to vote for and sod my bias.
  3. Just bought a Antec Quattro 850 Watt on sale from CompuUsa for $130 (excl tax) and installed today.. Do not care much for Antec, But saw the price today - came home and checked a review, which was favorable.
  4. the 700W is here, and i think it has much more wiring that i need, so i will be able to save smoe space since it modular:

    the second one is a 650W:
  5. both looks good , thermaltake though powers are really good PSU's , i have seen many good reviews about them ,
  6. ^ thx for the info m8, i have a purepower (about 4 year old)psu and if it would not been for the new gpu i would have kep the current one :(
  7. Here's a rating list:

    Thermaltake Toughpower and Corsair are both in Tier-2, so should be good. There's no Ultra higher than Tier-4.

    Hmmm, with 7 80mm fans, make sure you allow for a long enough runway :) .
  8. ^ thank You for the article, will definitively check it out,
    btw i found this:
    would it be a good idea to get this mini 250W psu just for supplying the gpu? or would it be useless if decide in that 2 years or so to go with a dx10 card?...i'm asking since this would save me a good $150, and i am a bit short on $$
  9. get that PSU if u want to do SLI , if not dont get it
  10. thx for the advice, but i think ill go with teh thermaltake one, since i never had issues with their products so far, now im just undecided weather to go with the 700W or teh 650W one. and also the fact that teh 650W one does not have the pciexpress 2.0 plug makes me lean towards the 700W one....just to me i think its an overkill, and i think that 650W should be enough considering teh future cpu's and gpu's will be less power hungry because of the smaller nm form factors ;)
  11. CoolerMaster is poorly rated; most in the "do not buy" tier. I personally had one of those that choked.
  12. ^ lol ....then ill stick with my thermaltake choice ;) but now ...the question go get a 250W mini psu just for the gpu, and a better gpu ;), or a 700W /650W psu and teh x1950xt (which I wanted to buy);)
  13. i say get the 700 or 650W instead
  14. so then ill have to spend less on a gpu lol, but atleast itll allow me to be "futureproof" in terms of a PSu ;)... do all those certifications that the 700W one has really are important? im still somehow drawn to the 640W onelol, since i have to waoory about my 15 A circuit breakers in my apartment...almost all of the sockets except 4 are all connected to that breaker(what a bad electric job), and that 700W psu uses 10Amps, the 650W one uses 8 amps, lol and my airconditioning uses 4.9Amps lol so i didnt want to get too close to that 15Amp limit here :(
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