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Hey folks,

I currently have an average desktop PC which I use for school work and programming, but it's main purpose is a home theatre. Since I mainly use my laptop for work nowadays, I am looking to convert my desktop into a HTPC.

Here are my current desktop specs:
AMD64 XP 4000+
S939 ATX Mobo
Mid tower case
2GB DDR-400
250GB IDE HDD (dying)
Geforce 7600GT PCIx
21" Widescreen LG LCD

Here is my proposed upgrade:
Intel Core 2 Duo Q6600 (2.4GHz, 8MB cache)
4GB (4x1GB) DDR2-800
Antec NSK1300 MicroATX Cube
Antec BP-500U 500W ATX
Seagate 500GB SATA
Asus P5B-VM Socket 775 Intel G965

The following would carry over from my current build:
Creative X-Fi
LG 21" LCD
Geforce 7600GT PCIx
Seagate 160GB SATA

The only problem I have with this build is that the case I have chosen comes with a 300W power supply. Would my current 400W PSU do the job, making the 500W PSU a needless purchase?

Are there any other issues I might run into that I could be overlooking here? or is this a pretty solid upgrade?

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  1. I'm confused. Are you upgrading just for an HTPC or are you upgrading to have a new build and using your old setup as your HTPC?

    If it is the prior I wouldn't think any upgrade would be needed. If it is the latter then you can just by a cheap card that features video out (I think the HD2400 is good choice for HTPC) and use the 300 watt power supply with the new case for it, and your 400 watt psu for your new build.
  2. The upgraded computer will be used as a HTPC/NAS computer (network storage, video/audio encoding, a little gaming, maybe some compiling).

    The old, leftover hardware will probably just sit in a box until I decide whether to sell it off or to build another box (possible webserver).

    The plan is to use my laptop as my work computer at school, then bring it home and sync the work to the HTPC/NAS computer and use the computer at home.

    My only concern is really whether a mATX form factor will be able to handle the rest of the hardware.
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