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Why cant I update Spyware doctor

The current Spyware Doctor upgrade to 2011 version is not functioning properly itself, but more importantly has essentially disabled my computer. I can't get anything to work. I tried running the update on my laptop, which has Windows VISTA, first it gave me all kinds of conflicts that it has never had before regarding downloading SD, then it downloaded Defender as an add-on or whatever (I'm not tech savvy) and even when I disabled the add-on, I STILL could not get either SD or my computer to function properly. SD keeps giving me a message that I have to run updates...but when I click it, it won't run. So I don't have SD ...AND...I have a disabled computer, too!!! YIKES!!
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    because it deactivated that version because the next update is like a new version and not just an update...
    if you have the latest version prior to this one then maybe you could have updated.
    your current version is too old.
    you'll need to uninstall all the software for it reboot, then download and install the latest version..
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