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How big of an impact will a virus scan have on this PC's performance?

Lets assume the following hypothetical computer:
Windows 7 64 Bit
Intel i7 2700K
16GB of DDR3 1866 RAM
Sold State Hard Drive
Really good ATI/Nvidia GPU

Heres the hypothetical situation, all 3 programs are running simultaneously:
Norton Ativirus is scanning, Playing Metro 2033 on highest possible settings, and Windows Media Player is playing music in the background. How will this hypothetical computer manage this situation?
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  1. On SSD it will work 99% without a problem.
  2. But why would u do that? Scan should be suspended when gaming.
  3. Quote:
    But why would u do that? Scan should be suspended when gaming.

    Because I like to put PCs through stress tests
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    That is good for x64 windows (best for multitasking) and with fast specs it will do well.

    Also plenty of the RAM is necessary. U can add the Prime95 to run with t and it will run, but the game will start to be annoying....
  5. Than open all the bookmarks you have (at least 500) at the same time : ))
  6. Is prime95 free?
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  8. Post some thoughts, when done : )) Thanx for the vote!
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