best 500GB hard drive ?

best 500GB hard drive ?
not too expensive
will be used for video edting?>
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  1. Either Segate or WD will be great for you. However if you decide on Segate, be wary of the AAK versions. They have a slight problem that limits their overall performance.

    On a side note. Anyone know if changing the jumpers on a hard drive from SATA1 to SATA2 is possible after the operating system is installed. My mobo supports it, so just wondering.
  2. WD500AAKS

    Get that one.
  3. You can definatly change your jumper settings (Remove the jumper on Seagate or move it over on Maxtor drives.
    I re-configure these makes all the time from 1.5gb/s to 3gb/s with o/s,s already installed, the speed is hardware/ not software governed.

    Hope this helps Best Regards Martin S.... (Selsey on Sea)
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