Google Chrome and Firefox extremely slow download speed

Now for some reason they download files at a rate near 30kb/s and I used to get alot more though. I have used CCleaner to see if that would fix anything, but it did not.

I tried moving my laptop (Lenovo G550) closer to my router (Linksys e3200) but it didn't work. I know that this is not a problem with my internet for I get great download speeds on uTorrent and Steam. The highest dl speed on steam is 4mb/s dl (never dips under 2mb/s) and for utorrent I usually get near 2.3mb/s. Ex: Downloading a huge file of 18gb at a rate of 2.4mb/s

My internet connection speed - 54.0Mbps
My network adapter - Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter

Enabling or disabling any type of firewall wont change anything.
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  1. Call your ISP, they will fix it.
  2. Your ISP download speed is ~17Mbps, the 54 you are seeing is the speed of your wireless G adapter, not your internet download speed.

    The speed at which something downloads has many factors beyond your download speed, including things like the connection you have to the download server and overall traffic across the internet.

    Try downloading different things from different sites.
  3. If you download from your friend' locally hosted server, 30kb/sec is about what most DSL connections can provide, at 384kbit/sec, so @echonite made a valid point - it depends where you download from.
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