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Finding a case for a Home Theater PC

Last response: in Components
August 7, 2007 7:36:40 PM

any really thin rigs would be good? i dont plan on using a graphics card farther than integrated, but it's nearly impossible to find anything, i've almost gone so far as to say "**** it" and just buy a hewlett packard, which is close to what i want

what i really want is a desktop case thats maybe 6" or less deep, black or silver, and comes with a power supply; that or a slim-desktop case

anyone have any experience building small cases? know a good supplier? i tried Shuttle, but it seems that they mostly do fragboxes
August 7, 2007 7:45:24 PM

Also, im looking for as thin as possible, i just found one at 4" deep, which would be nice
August 7, 2007 8:14:05 PM

was considering purchasing one of these before, but if youre wanting a really slim htpc, these should work fine (theyre the slimmest available that i know of, 53mm), which is about the same height as a slim commercial dvd player, about the same width and depth dimensions too
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August 7, 2007 8:20:41 PM

Well, if you're planning on building your own HTPC then Silverstone has some really nice HTPC style cases.

Are you planing on it standing up like a regular PC or having it in more of a HT reciever type of case?

Also What's your budget for the case? Cooler Master has a few nice cases for HTPC's but IMHO Silverstone cases look better, but they can be quite expensive.