Finding a case for a Home Theater PC

any really thin rigs would be good? i dont plan on using a graphics card farther than integrated, but it's nearly impossible to find anything, i've almost gone so far as to say "**** it" and just buy a hewlett packard, which is close to what i want

what i really want is a desktop case thats maybe 6" or less deep, black or silver, and comes with a power supply; that or a slim-desktop case

anyone have any experience building small cases? know a good supplier? i tried Shuttle, but it seems that they mostly do fragboxes
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  1. Also, im looking for as thin as possible, i just found one at 4" deep, which would be nice
  2. was considering purchasing one of these before, but if youre wanting a really slim htpc, these should work fine (theyre the slimmest available that i know of, 53mm), which is about the same height as a slim commercial dvd player, about the same width and depth dimensions too
  3. Well, if you're planning on building your own HTPC then Silverstone has some really nice HTPC style cases.

    Are you planing on it standing up like a regular PC or having it in more of a HT reciever type of case?

    Also What's your budget for the case? Cooler Master has a few nice cases for HTPC's but IMHO Silverstone cases look better, but they can be quite expensive.


    i love that little case

    Thermaltake LANBOX Lite VF6000BNS Black SECC Gaming Cube Computer Case - Retail
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