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I would like to overclock my Q6600 to 3Ghz, which from what I've seen is a very reasonable goal. I know about cooling and airflow and whatnot. Right now I am running at 266.7Mhz with a multiplier of 6. Im assuming the multiplier will fluxuate from the load put on the machine, so that is fine, but what I'm wondering about pertains to my memory. I have 2Gb of DDR2 - 800 (2 x 1Gb). Right now they are each running at 400Mhz.

From what I've heard it is best to run your system in a 1:1 ratio from your cpu to memory, right now Im running at 2:3. As I increase the bus speed on the processor it will come closer to being at a 1:1 ratio. I think I will end up with the processor at 333. If I want to be at 1:1, would it be beneficial to lower my memory to be at 333 also or would that just be a waste? What is your take.
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  1. keep your ratio on auto few pairs of 800 ram can actully pull to even your fsb stock speeds. jsut turn up your fsb and nothing else. oh yea and tweak your voltages
  2. Ok cool. Any tips on keeping my system cool.

    Im going to go in with ties and get all the wires out of the way, I will re orient my heatsink/fan.

    There was something about lapping your processor and heatsink, I may or may not try that.

    I was also going to reseat my heatsink but I dont know how to get the old goo off everything.
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