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XP Home - VS - XP Pro

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September 22, 2001 8:41:00 AM

Seems pretty clear by now that most people are pretty happy with Windows XP. Dispite the usual initial release glitches and problems it's sounding pretty good to me. I was wondering though if people had any thoughts the two different "Flavors" of Windows XP? I'd like to save money so how much am I looseing if I get the Home version instead of the Pro? I've tried to figure it out from the Microsquash website but either I get complete techno babble that I can't comprehend or I get the processed and grade A marketing department Hype. It seems like most of the reviews have been of the Pro version. So I'm just wondering what's the best choice for a game/content creation computer. I'm also thinking of some time down the road setting up a dual proc system and I can't seem to find out if the home version also supports this. So thanks.

(What I really need is a simple table with a list of all the features and checks for the items each flavor has. In the media's rush to gush or bitch about the new OS it seems that very little actual information was given out about the differences, if any, between the home and pro versions. Or even the fact that there would be two versions.)

P.S. I just found the links in someone's post to some articles on ZDNet that covered a lot of this. I'm still wondering what people think. Is the $100 or so extra worth it for a home user to get Pro?
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September 22, 2001 7:04:12 PM

You need XP Pro for Multiprocessing. If you aren't doing any major Networking then XP Home is good enough unless you really want SMP.

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