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I am on my friends laptop.

Ok, my computer won't connect to the internet. It just stopped. My mom has a router downstairs on her computer. I have an access point thing on my computer. When I go to my network connections it sees my wireless internet but it says it can not identify it. So I am not able to access the internet through my computer. I got a 2wire 802.11g USB Wireless Adapter.

I am not sure what to do, I tried looking on the internet but got pretty much nothing. Any help is appreciated. :)

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  1. I suspect you need to do a bit more analysis of your problem before anyone can help you.

    Does you mom's computer use wireless and is it still connecting, for example.
  2. No my mom connects through an ethernet which she plugs into the back of the router, so yea she can still connect. And then the router gives me wireless internet. It says 2WIRE on the top of it, so I assume it is the same as my adapter upstairs. The wireless light is on, but like I said in my first message my computer and locate the wireless and connect, but it can't identify it so I can't go on the internet. The wireless is password protected if that helps.
  3. when you right click the wifi icon and select view available networks - what comes up? anything?
  4. could always try flicking the power off and back on on the router.
  5. When I click on the view available wireless networks. It shows my wireless connection. So I click connect. Then it connects. And when I go back to look in the View Connections window it says Unidentified Network. And I can not go on the internet...I tried shutting it off and turning back on, didn't work. Should I re-install the software or something?
  6. have you tried setting your wifi card to infrastructure only mode?

    what is this access point thing? i know what one is as in hardware, but you dont want to be running an ap software on your machine whilst trying to connect to downstairs, see if you can flick it back to normal mode.
  7. Using your mom's computer address the router user interface (you'll have to download and read the router manual to understand this) and see what its SSID (the network name) is set to.

    My guess is you are not actually within reception range using your own computer -- if possible try moving your computer or the router into the same room to test that.

    I can see this causing domestic ructions but I suspect your only alternative is to get a techie friend (or a paid technician) to sort it out unless you are prepared to do some homework on network basics.
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