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I recently built a new computer using the Asus P67 Sabertooth Motherboard. I am using a Crucial SSD drive as my boot drive. This is my problem. If the computer ever goes into sleep the monitor will not wake up when moving the mouse and the computer has to be hard shut down in order to get it to get the screen to come on. The computer sounds as though its waking up just no video at all. The second thing is every couple of weeks my computer will start to boot up and then after the Bios screens it will sit at a black screen with a blinking cursor. I will restart and go into the bios and select boot menu and select the Crucial C300 SSD and it will say its resuming windows. But it will never boot correctly again. I will always have to boot this way. I am wondering if the SSD is bad. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.
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  1. Go into Control Panel/Power. Select your power management profile. Disable sleep/hibernation and you should be good to go.

    Good luck!
  2. COLGeek:

    I have turned the sleep mode off and solved the monitor problem. Still kinda sucks that I cant let my computer enter sleep mode. I pretty much got that answered. Can anyone help me with the booting problem?
  3. Verify, in your BIOS, that you have properly selected the SSD as the boot device and that SATA is set to AHCI or RAID mode (not IDE mode).
  4. I would make sure that, if you assembled the computer yourself, that ther is no grounding issued between the motherboard and the case. There is no reason that modern motherboard cannot have troublefree sleep mode. That may also cause the BIOS problem.
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