[Debug This] : 8086 Assembly Level Program to Find The Greatest Number

data segment
ARR db 01h,03h,02h,04h,05h,09h,01h
data ends
code segment
assume cs:code,ds:~data --just to avoid the smiley
MOV AX,data
MOV CX,0006H --Load CX with 6 as there will be 6 comparisons b/w 7 numbers
MOV SI,offset ARR --point to the variable ARR
MOV AL,[SI] --load the first number 01H in AL register
loop_start: --label to mark the beginning of the loop
INC SI --point to the second number in ARR
JB swap
LOOP loop_start

LOOP loop_start

int 3
code ends
end start

do you think that this is the right code to find the largest of the given number?
This is my own program and it didnt work well when I executed it. Dont know whats going wrong.
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  1. What is the result in AL after running the program? It looks OK to me, but I can't be bothered to assemble it and test right now.
  2. TASM dosnt work on my PC. Im using win7
  3. That doesn't answer my question. I don't care what assembler you used.

    You say it didn't work well when you executed it. So what result did you get?

    The easiest way to discover faults in this sort of program is to run it under a debugger. Single-step it and see what is happening.
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