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I found a good deal on a 36gb Raptor 10k rpm for $59, so I thought to myself, I could buy that, put windows on it, and put all media stuff on my 250 gb WD drive. Then I thought, what if I just got another 250 gb drive and put them in raid 0? Wouldn't that yield more performance while having more space? Or should I go with the 36 gb raptor now, and maybe in the future add another and put in raid 0?

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  1. My first thoughts on reading this.... 36Gb is tiny man, you cannot do much with it. Even when installing XP on a system now i use a 40Gb partition which a 36Gb raptor will not hold.

    Main performance increase in a raptor (over current 7200rpm drives) is seek times, which is only really good for read lots of small files fast (loading windows i spose). Whereas your 2x250gb drives will yield better performance in read/writing large files as youll get WAY more throughput on those than a raptor.

    So depends what you want really and what you do on your machine. Do you want not much space and windows to load 5seconds quicker or do you want lotsa hard drive space and fast continuous read/writes ie. archive extractions, copy/move files etc.
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