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I currently have Windows 7 Ultimate (64Bit) installed on the primary hard drive but my question is will Windows XP work ok along with Windows 7 being installed as well like XP being on the same hard drive? Also could someone tell me what the limitations are for XP as I have 4GB RAM (Dual Channel) as I'll be installing the 32Bit of XP.

Also would XP crash at all with the high specs I'm running ? as I've overclocked my processor to 3.52GHz or doesn't the processor play a role in the stability of XP ?

I'll appreciate if someone could answer this as soon as possible so I can get on installing XP if I'm fine to do so.

Thanks in advance,
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    As with respect to how much RAM does windows xp 32 bit support

    well It’s not about windows XP, its about how much ram
    your motherboard will take. However windows XP 32bit
    will only report 3GB of RAM no mater how much you put
    in your computer. It has to do with how much ram windows
    XP will give to the hardware operations of your computer.
    Something like 25%.
    Hope this information is useful to you
    Good luck...
  2. Thank you for response greenfield!

    My motherboard can take alot of RAM but yeah 32bit OS's have always been restricted down to the small RAM whereas 64Bit takes advantage of more RAM you feed your PC,
    I just had to get some advice from someone as this is my new build i built like 2 weeks ago :) and it would be great to dual boot it with Windows XP and 7, also how would alter the MBR so I could use the Windows 7 Boot Manager and show Windows XP there as a option to boot that or boot into Windows 7 ????
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