User profiles in XP corrupted/information missing

The owner of my work got us a new printer, he installed the software. Upon restart he was greeted with an error that said "cannot load user profile" then "windows xp cannot find the specified profile"

when i sat down the computer wouldnt even boot into safe mode and it would hang on the welcome screen under normal boot. eventually i got it into windows.

problem: all icons, start menu programs and settings are missing. windows thinks its a fresh start nearly every time we reboot. it will not save search form info or anything else related to that

what ive tried: windows recovery to 2 different dates both before the install of this satan software, creating a new user account to start from scratch (still does not have start menu folders also fails to save user inputted data intermittantly)

what i think is next: format, reinstall. haha

anyone got any tricks or ideas? i hate the idea of "shotgun troubleshooting" by reinstalling but i dont know what else to do.

almost forgot:
windows XP SP3
ghetto ass dell PC running an athlon 64 @ 2.0 with a MASSIVE 512 megs of ram.
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  1. Windows cannot load your profile because it may be corrupted" error message when you try to log on to Windows XP

    old profile is corrupted Win XP:

    When you copy user data into a new profile, the
    new profile becomes a near duplicate of the old
    profile, and contains the same preferences, appearance, and
    documents as the old profile. If your old profile is corrupted
    in some way, you can move the files and settings from the
    corrupt profile to a new profile.

    Good luck.
  2. I appreciate the reply, in a round about way yesterday i did that and figured it out. kinda. haha

    whenever i would create a new profile everything would work fine. icons reappeared, search function worked, etc etc. just like it should. untill i logged off/restarted the computer. the new profile would be ruined just like the last ones.

    windows kept creating these random ghost profiles everytime it would fail to log in after hanging for 5-10 minutes at the login screen.

    so what i did was create a new profile, WHILE the first new working profile was there and working.

    so while profile 1 was working before a restart, create another new one. then copy all my information and build the 2nd profile.

    restart the computer and log into profile #2, killed all the bad/broken/ghost ones and so far so good. not sure how long or if this is going to work forever but for now everything is great.
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