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srry to post here but i cudn't find a section for lcd's. i have made a few choices to buy a 22'' lcd, please tell me which one is best and suggest your choices.
1. asus mw221u
2. viewsonic vx2255wmb
3. dell e228wfp

my basic aim is watching movies (divx, dvd, high def) and playing games at the native resolution.
please suggest any other monitor of your choices also. thanx
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  1. I just got the Samsung 226BW LCD 22inch last week, very nice display. Reasonal price.

    Out of the ones you mentioned, the ASUS has faster response time where as the Dell has slightly better contrast ratio. The Viewsonic has more in features, but brightness is slightly lower than others.

    My choice out of those would be the Dell.
  2. how about this 22" samsung monitor which is only around $250. Samsung 226BW
  3. Well i can't comment on the Dell and the Asus, because i never used or saw them, i will comment on the screen i just received, the Viewsonic VX2255.

    First of all, the screen is so damn bright. i had to lower the contrast and brightness a lot in order to get it to be non eye-straining. The Black finish is a dust magnet.

    Second, I can't seem to find out what's it's contrast ratio, the website says 1000:1 but all review sites says 700:1. I am still confused about it.

    Until now, i experienced no ghosting whatsoever in games, and i tried it in many games. Movies are excellant on it and are a joy to watch with my surround sound system. and the webcam and mic are a handy extra for me.

    P.S. I got this monitor from malaysia for 275$, dunno what's it's price in US.
  4. I saw a Westinghouse 22" Widescreen LCD on sale at Best Buy for $180 a week or two ago. Unfortunately that deal is over. :(

    I can't believe I didn't buy one.
  5. I'm casting a 3rd vote for the Samsung 226BW. I have one and I love it.
  6. 226Bw....hopefully you get an S panel. Though C and A are liveable, I have a C. = (
  7. the 226bw are good, even if you get one with the inferior panels, you just manually configure it and it will be fine
  8. The manual configure is crap, Samsung shouldn't have cheaped out on the production. Shame on you samsung.
  9. at do you mean manual configure is crap, when it comes from samsung it doesn't say "this monitor has been pre-configured for maximum performance" so i don't think samsung have done anything wrong here.
  10. If you get the Sceptre 20.1 Gamer screen it comes with the 8 bit panel and looks magnificent/ I think you can get the in the sub $200 range now. I love mine, the viewing angle is exceptional!

    As for those, I am not a big Viewsonic fan at all. All of the ones I have seen have just been unimpressive. (Not the screen itself, per say, but the overall impression in build quality)

    I heard the ASUS one has quite a bit of ghosting issues, so out of those, the Dell gets my vote. Acer makes decent monitors too, consider those as well.
  11. thnx ppl for ur suggestions, i think it finally comes dwn to dell and samsung. any final votes ??
  12. Get the hanns-g 22" widescreen with 5ms 1080P compatible if you have a choice. Cheap as hell too!
  13. I have the 931bw, the 19" version of the 226bw. And it's the A panel. Wich is fine to me, i had to configure it a bit. But after a few weeks its perfect to me.. the only thing that bothers me on this monitor is the viewing angle. but that's normal with TN panels

    The price is nice, the design is VERY nice (but that's personal :P) so i don't see any reasons not to buy it.
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