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my cpu score for my core2duo e6850 (without overclocking) was only like 2500 while running 3dmark06 on windows xp sp1, and it was doing pretty horrible while trying to animate the stuff. Anyone have any idea why? Could it be that the CPU wasn't put in its place properly or a broken pin or something? I hope nothings problem and its just that i have the wrong stuff installed... oh yeah the fps was really low too like 5 or something as it was jumping everywhere.

Also my 8800gts 320mb was around 3500 i was wondering why that was so slow cause it stayed at like 30 fps, i used the old nvidia drivers supplied with it. Are these normal?

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  1. I got pretty much the same score mate and whilst the 3D'06 cpu test is o.k for giving the cores a minor workout, in the real world it don't mean squat.
  2. mm but with that test it was laggy like hell, was that suposed to be like that? i tried it again and it didn't even go past 2fps :S
  3. I've run that test with an E6600 @ 3.6 ghz on an 8800 320 GTS and not seen more than 3fps!, so yes I think the whole point of that test is to make the CPU do all of the work as when I run 3d tests I have Rivatuners OSD in the corner of the screen showing CPU & GPU usage and temps and the GPU will always cool down during the two CPU tests.
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