Highpoint RocketRAID 1740 . Can i put my system drive on it?


HighPoint RocketRAID 1740 PCI SATA I & SATA II Controller Card RAID 0/1/5/10/JBOD

Big Question :
Will the above controller card allow me to put my system drive on it - or will my system drive have to be on the motherboard? (System drive is Raptor X 150g). Any other controller card you recommend over this for better performace? My motherboards Sata II slots are all ocupied by a 4 disk RAID 0 array. The only flaw in my system is that it takes too long to boot and load programs as I use a EIDE 250g drive as my system drive

System Spcecs:
MB: Tyan Thunder: K8WE
Processor: Dual AMD Opteron 270s.
RAM: 4GB corsair ECC
System Drive: Maxtor 250g EIDE
Storage drives: RAID 0 array of 4 WD SE16 AAAKS 500g disks.
PSU: 500w Siverstone
Video: PCIexpress NIVIDIA quadro FX560
Blackmagic Intensity card
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  1. In the specs of the card on the site we have this.

    "BIOS Booting (INT13) to RAID array"

    Which means youll be able to boot from it. If you use windows setup cd you may need the drivers for the card for windows to detect properly. The old press F6 to load third party storage or something.

    What are you using this rig for? as thats a pretty high end server i would be thinking you would want a better RAID card than the one you are getting. How are you connecting the 4x500gb's up>BIOS Booting (INT13) to RAID array?
  2. This is for video editing in HD uncompressed.
    The 4x500g are connected to the motherboards SATA-II connectors and using the Motherboards built in RAID function.
    This gives me upwards of 250mbs per second which is required for uncompressed video capture and editing. It works great for what im doing. My only problem like i said, is my System drive is old and I should replace it b/f something happens. I will not be using this Highpoint card for a RAID array. Just to attach my new RAPTOR X system drive to it, and maybe some additional Hot swap drives to the other ports for backups of my RAID. I see no reason to invest in a costly $400 - $500 dollar RAID card for this purpose. I realize its backwards then how most people would do it but i think im saving money doing it this way and gaining possibly better performance from my RAID as it is all directly connected to the motherboard.

    Thanks for your help.
  3. Cool ill agree with your reasoning the onboard RAID on those Tyan highend server boards are meant to be awesome. Go with what you got its cheap and all you need ;)
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