Dell OEM Disc install on home build?

I hate vista... With a passion :lol:. But I've happened onto a Dell OEM disc and was wondering if it would install on a home build? It would save me the money until i could afford 7... :)
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  1. Dang i just remembered that i loaned the disc out for someone to reinstall vista with so the key i have is useless. And i moved away from the person and don't have his #... So i guess that option is out... Bit thanks to those who looked at it :P.

    So can a Moderator or watchyamicall it delete this post?? :P
  2. FYI
    you can install dell oem windows on any unit, you would be a key to activate because some win7 dell units activate from a BIOS patch that dell implements.
  3. I Found their number!

    So i installed my version (With my disc) over their original version of Vista, so the code that's on back the laptop (For the original OS) should work as long as i install the correct version on my new build, right??

    If so then where can i get the right version...??? Can i download it from Microsoft? Or call them?
  4. did you upgrade or perform fresh install.?
  5. If i remember right Windows was corrupted and wouldn't allow for repair or startup. I had to format the drive, THEN do a fresh install. But i just looked at my disk and its a reinstall disc. So would a reinstall disk work on a formatted drive?

    Will a Vista Business Reinstall Disk install on a clean drive? I found one on eBay...

    But yes I did a fresh install. That i know for a fact :lol:
  6. yes.
  7. verbalizer said:

    :lol: So a Dell Reinstalation disk will install on a clean drive, like my new build? Just making sure haha.

    Edit: Its also talking about the COA, will I have to have that? Since my new build won't have one... :lol:
  8. yes.
    but on the dell unit if needed than don't worry about it.
  9. hHe includes a shot of the back of the disk cover and it has a 18 letter code, not the full 25 letter code. Will i have to get a key, or will it just authorize itself?

    Here is a link:

    Edit- This is for my new build :)
  10. It just came back to me how I did it :). What i did was (Since it rejected the Vista repair and reinstalation disk) i formated the drive, installed linux on top (Edit- I didn't install linux i just used the disk to format the drive), then installed vista over Linux. So far he hasn't had any problems, so im assuming it just authorized its self (Since it was vista business and he had home premium i couldn't use the thing on the back), but it was on a dell computer... :)
  11. My budget is really quite tight, so i want to make sure... :)
  12. are talking about using Dell software on another unit that's not Dell.?
    because if we're talking about a Dell unit I'll explain something to you and you can stop worrying about activation of windows.
    if a non-Dell unit then I can't help you.
    which one.?
  13. Dell OEM installations will only activate on Dell-based motherboards. Same goes for their product keys.
  14. i know that...
    but if you want to know where I'm going, I was going to refer to the BIOS activation process.
  15. That was directed at the OP, as from the wording of his post, he is attempting to build a new computer (non-Dell) and use a Dell-based OEM disc.
  16. honestly zo..
    the OP has about 10 threads all about similar things.
    i already stated to him that he could have combined mostly all of them.
    i must have gotten confused when answering them, i've replied on three different ones.
    my bad.
  17. Haha my fault guys... I didn't mean to post so many threads. This one was supposed to be in another, and there was two case questions that i meant to have in one thread. :) Thanks for all your answers (Even the ones that were sorta confused on which thread was what! :)

    I meant to put the Reinstall on a clean disk of my new build...
  18. So it won't work, dang i knew that was too easy. mmmmm any sugestions besides spending 100 bucks on a new copy? :lol:

    To do the windows 7 upgrade does the previous installation have to be authorized?
  19. no, not if your going to keep them..
  20. Can i keep reinstalling vista??? :P untill i can afford to pay for 7?
  21. use it until you can't activate it anymore...;)
  22. verbalizer said:
    use it until you can't activate it anymore...;)

    ?? :lol:
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