HDMI proHMDI adapter for Acer Aspire 4520 laptop with Windows Vista

I want to connect my Acer Aspire 4520 laptop to HDMI cable to television...my usb ports do not support HDMI cable connections. Is there an adapter for this particular model laptop that allows HDMI hookup? Do I need one for audio and one for video or do i just need to get a newer computer?
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  1. You either have an HDMI port or you don't... there's no way to add it to a laptop. Your only other options are either a VGA to HDMI converter or if you're lucky enough to have a DVI port on your laptop, you can buy a cable that goes from DVI to HDMI. You'll also have to remember that if you don't have an HDMI port on the laptop, it will be necessary to run audio cables as well... as HDMI is the only spec that supports both video and audio over a single cable.
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