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I've looked over many of the posts on this forum (very helpful) and I've clobbered together a new system
that I think should fit my needs. I'd be really grateful if people could look it over and offer comments/suggestions.
This would be the first time I'd build a system myself.

Unlike many of the posters here, I don't intend to use the machine to play games or even overclock it (probably not, I'll see...).

I basically want a reliable machine that I can use for at least the next 4-5 years without having to upgrade
too much. Mostly, I will use it for just word processing/internet/mp3s/watching movies. I may rip a cd once in a while.

For my intensive applications, I would run some scientific computing applications (like Matlab), and some other
programs with a lot of matrix calculations. I'd also like to use it also for music recording, so encoding / processing should be fast. I may also do some 3d apps / rendering.

Here's what I've come up with (in newegg prices):

CPU : Intel core2 duo E6750 ($220) - I think this should suit my needs OK. I thought about the higher 6850 and the Q6600, but I'm not sure the 4 cores would benefit me too much. I doubt I'd be running matlab, while encoding some song, and do something else processor intensive all at the same time. Still, I might think of buying the Q6600 if not for the issue with the G0 stepping. I need the new box soon and can't wait for a couple months when I'll be sure I can get the G0 version. Also, I don't know if I'd see much difference between the 6750 and 6850 for my needs.

CPU heat sink: Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 & Arctic Silver 5 ($35 + $5) - this seems to work well with the core 2 duo according to what I've read.

Case: Antec p-182 ($170) - a bit pricey, but seems to be highly recommended. Hopefully big enough for the mobo and heat sink.

Mobo: Gigabyte P35C-DS3R ($160) - also comes highly recommended since I might want to upgrade to DDR3 ram in the future.

Video Card: EVGA 8800 GTS - 320 MB ($280) - it was either this, the 640 MB version or the 8800GTX, but I think those are too much for needs, right?

Monitor : Samsung 226BW ($320) - seems to be liked, and I'd like a good 22inch monitor.

RAM : Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) ($110)

Hard drive : Seagate 500 GB ($120)

some DVD drive ($30-35)

the total comes to about $1575 (before tax, shipping). What do you think of my choices? Any conflicts? Should I replace something?

I can afford to spend about another $100-200 if needed. Should I put this toward a more expensive CPU or a video card or nothing?

Also, I'm worried about needing another fan for the P35C mobo, since I read that it tends to get hot on the northbridge. The P-182 case seems to be pretty cool, so I wonder if I need something extra. What do you think, for those of you that might have this combination?

Thanks a lot for your time.

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  1. looks really good, if you aren't going to play games, there is really no need to spend the money on the GTS 320. YOu can get some cheaper that will be great for movies as well.
  2. You should most definitely go with quad core considering the time you are going to keep your PC for. Everything is headed towards multi core support, an extra 2 cores is not something you wanna miss out on.

    The cheapest Q6600 is currently on

    I'd recommend getting the LG L226WTY-BF instead of Samsung 226BW, it costs about the same but has wider viewing angles (160 vs 170), you can read customer reviews here:

    And lastly, I didn't see a power supply included with the build, I'd recommend getting Corsair 520HX, $99 with free shipping on, a great PSU in all aspects, build quality, silence, power.

    Good luck.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the responses. I forgot to include the power supply. The Corsair 520HX was the exact one
    I had in mind.

    I'll think a little more about the Q6600. I'm concerned about "getting stuck" with the B3 stepping instead of
    the newer, cooler G0.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the LG 226WTY-BF. I've been reading over some posts at and
    I don't want to deal with the panel lottery of the 226BW. I think I'm gonna pick either the LG, the newer 226CW,
    or the HP w2207. I'm gonna go to bestbuy tomorrow to check some of them out if they're in stock =)

    Thanks for the help.

  4. You are welcome.
    There are a few places you can get your G0 from:

    1. ClubIt, they had a lot of G0's but sold all of them recently, they are expected to restock them very soon though, keep an eye on them and ask their support to make sure you get the G0 before ordering.

    2. TankGuys:

    Both are very well known companies.
  5. Great advice there.

    Yes, get the Q6600. I'm sure the next version of matlab will be able to use it, it's the sort of thing that can really benefit from multiple cores.

    I'd get the 8800 GTS 320, because in the next 4-5 years somebody will definitely want to play games on that PC. Or you'll upgrade to Vista and the nice new interface will work very well on that card.

    Don't worry about the G0. If you don't get the G0 you'll pay $50 more in electricity bills over 5 years, that's all.
  6. G0's oc better :p
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