cant reinstall xp. I think i messed up bios or cmos. what are the proper settings for bios and cmos. I know to start with i should set first boot to cd rom. after that not sure
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  1. If I understand you correctly you're looking to Install winXP
    if yes then here some info/ video:

    Install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows XP


    How to reinstall Windows XP


    A Video Guide to Installing Windows XP


    How To Install Windows XP Professional


    Good luck...
  2. could you tell us exactly what happens when you try to install.
    Tell us your exact bios settings
    if you need to reset the cmos try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdHH9KrceR0&feature=related
    Also if you could tell us all the system spec on the motherboard as well as the manufacturer and model
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