8800gtx Frequency??what should it be??

hi guys,

i've got the P5B Delux WiFi/AP mobo, e6600 @ 2.91Ghz, 4GB Patroit RAM and the BFG TECH 8800GTX OC2.

my PC isnt running as it should....i just want to know, if you up your FSB, at what Frequency should you put your PCI x16 bus speed for the GFX?? auto,100Mhz???

i read on another forum that the bfg 680i mobo automatically sets your GFX to 125Mhz, that is if you plug in the 7900GTX or 8800GTX. can i up my freq. to 125Mhz without any probs instead of leaving it on auto???

your help and advice is much appreciated!! :)
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  1. i really dont see the point in upping the fsb of the pci-e slot. the performance gain (if any) would probably be minimal. i havent heard of anyone upping the frequency and getting substancial results so i dont think its worth taking a risk. that could put stress on the motherboard.
  2. Keep it at 100mhz unless you know what you're doing, when it comes to thsi IDK what im doing so I reccomend not to attempt it.
  3. 100mhz for normal. 250mhz to get the party started (dont do it)
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