computer wont load bios(??)

Hey guys,

newbie here, hope I'm posting in the correct forum.
I've recently purchased a Q6600 SLI machine..
While the company was guiding me thru overclocking the system.. the computer freezes.
and will not boot up. The power comes on but nothing on the screen. The tech tells me
the system is not loading the bios. Tried several power off/ons.. tried taking the battery out without any luck.
Tells me to send it (whats seems like over 50lbs) machine back so they can fix it.. but I'm responsible to pay for shipping both ways plus box.

Is there any way that u folks know of to help me get the bios up?
I'm not looking forward to pay 2 shipping costs, plus the down time.

many tks in adv
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  1. Did you follow the manual when clearing bios? You have to disconnect the mobo power connector in advance.

    You can try disconnecting all power cord/cables, wait for an hour, clear cmos as per manual, & connect everything.

    What's the mobo & specs?
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