GeForce 7600GT/GS /7300GT /?

Hello, Everyone.

I think, I have a kind of strange card, because honestly, I do not know what chipset it has. The BIOS itself, Everest, Rivatuner reports that the card is nVIDIA GeForce 7600GT 256MB PCI-E, BUT with DDR2 memory. I bought it from china, it apparantly has no brand. It somewhat looks like nVIDIA reference board design. I tried to unmask the pipelines with Rivatuner, but it does not work. The specifications are here:-

Description: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT

Vendor ID: 10de (NVIDIA)

Device ID: 0391

Bus type: PCIE

PCIE Link width: 16x supported, 16x selected

Graphics Core: NV4B/G73 B1 revision (8pp, 4vp)
Memory bus: 128-bit
Memory type: DDR2 (RAM configuration 03)

Memory amount: 256MB

Cores clock domain 0: 450MHz
Cores clock domain 1: 450MHz
Cores clock domain 2: 450MHz
Memory clock: 250MHz (500MHz effective)
Reference clock: 27.000MHz

BIOS Version:

So, Please, can someone tell me exactly what card it is?
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  1. Hi i beleive that you have a 7300GT although the 7600 and 7300 have the same core (apparently)the (8pp, 4vp) refer to the pixel pipelines and the vertex pipelines as far as i can tell the only one that matches the spec is the 7300GT.
    I could be wrong but thats my understanding of it.
  2. You could always just open up the case and look.

    It sorta looks like a 7600GS by looking at the core clock speeds, but the memory clock is way too low.
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