Help me decide on a new Graphics Card!

Hi, I've been trying to decide on a AGP GPU card for my old, not to be upgraded for a year, Athlon XP 3000+ with 1.5 GB DDR400 RAM system.

I live in Greece so my options are limited (and presented below).
I am hoping for the best option for the least amount of money (Which I am hoping will not exceed 135 euros, although several of the options presented will...)
Bellow is a list of all the cards I could find with price and link to the manufacturers' page.

I am really hoping for a good result.
As a side-note, I am primarily buying this new graphics card to play Neverwinter Nights 2 so if you know of a card that performs better than another then please tell me. Also, Remember that I have an Athlon XP 3000+ (2080 MHz, Performance Rated at 3.00 GHz), 1.5 GB DDR400 RAM (in DualDDR mode) and a Q-Tec PSU of 550 Watt so it shouldn't only be the best card but also one the rest of the system can take full advantage of...


The available cards are:
- Several GeForce 7600 GT with 256 MB GDDR3 (Gainward, XpertVision and Galaxy) for prices ranging from 108 to 123 euros
- Sapphire Radeon X1950 GT - 256 MB GDDR3 at 132 euros
- GeCube Radeon X1950 PRO - 256 MB GDDR3 at 150 euros
- XpertVision Radeon X1950 GT - 512 MB GDDR3 at 157.5 euros
- Sapphire Radeon X1950 PRO - 512 MB GDDR3 at 162 euros
or the all out option of a slightly factory overclocked:
- HIS Radeon X1950 PRO - 512 MB GDDR3 with an IceQ3 cooler thingy at 172 euros
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  1. I'd vote for the X1950 GT... I didn't know they made those in an AGP flavor.
  2. it's a GT, not an XT, and the strange thing is that the dealer's page says 256 MB ram while Sapphire's page says that it only comes at 512...

    I'm gonna go and ask them at Monday...
  3. Hi again keeper still not sure? well its a bit difficult as none of the links show clock or memory speeds but they should all be much of a muchness ie the 1950 pros should be all about the same etc.
    I know that the HIS one will come factory overclocked and is a quiet/fast card.
    Next i would put the Gecube card followed by the saphire this is based on my own opinion and experiance as like i said no core or clock speeds on links.
    Then the GTcards sapphire first then Xpertvision.
    Then the 7600gts.
    Knowing from your last post that you are on a budget and want the most card for the least out lay i would say get the Gecube card if you can affford it.
  4. Gecube actually makes an XT in AGP.

    I'd still recommend the GT though, the price is right for an AGP upgrade and it's only a tad slower than the PRO.

    Your AthlonXP might not be fast enough to really take full advantage of faster cards anywhoo.

    Ok, the dealer's page shows memory/clock speeds but I'm not too sure whether they are accurate.
    BTW, it's in Greek but all specs are in English

    Ok, here goes:
    -Gainward Bliss GeForce 7600 GT
    -Sapphire Radeon X1950 GT - 256 MB GDDR3
    -GeCube Radeon X1950 PRO - 256 MB GDDR3
    -XpertVision Radeon X1950 GT - 512 MB GDDR3
    -Sapphire Radeon X1950 PRO - 512 MB GDDR3
    -HIS Radeon X1950 PRO - 512 MB GDDR3
  6. Keeper, you're new here and there's something you should know. A lot of people who will vote on your poll have opinions based on reading reviews. Some will even vote without having a clue at all. Cleeve on the other hand writes reviews, and tests those cards, and has been doing this for a long time. I'd forget the poll and just listen to him...
  7. Hey cleeve am i right in saying that the GT and The Pro are the same core?
    If so then he gets the GT and overclocks it then right?
    That would be the sapphire one.
  8. Heh, don't worry, although new I always take polls with a grain of salt, in fact I will base my decision on the poll in conjunction with the posts I'll read.

    Thank you a lot however for your help, I appreciate it very much, as Cleeve's, Matronix and all of the rest!
  9. aevm said:
    Cleeve on the other hand writes reviews, and tests those cards, and has been doing this for a long time. I'd forget the poll and just listen to him...

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but my opinion isn't any more valid than yours or the next guys. I might have a bit more experience than the average Joe, but I can be wrong like everybody else. :)

    Mactronix: yes, the GT and PRO are the same core. I don't know how well the GT overclocks, though. But it shouldn't be a big leap to get to PRO speeds... the reference clocks are:
    GT: 500 core/600 mem
    PRO: 575 core/690 mem
  10. There we go then get the sapphireGT and save yourself some cash and if you want a bit more out of it after you have installed it then it should oc to the same level as a pro by virtue of having the same core.
    Oh and cleeve is being modest he knows his onions FACT :lol:
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