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Anyone looking for an e6850 can get them at office depot,they have them for $259 including ground shipping.I also have a $15 off code if anyones interested. You can PM me on here. That would bring the total to $244. I own one of these,as well as two X6800s . I OCed the e6850 to 4GHz running stable with an Thermalright 120 Ultra Extreme.This weekend I'll be trying for 5Ghz with a modified Freezone.
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  1. freezeone sucks - it does not work unless you crank the fan to super loud levles

    its total disaster they should have made it 140mm with 120mm coupler
  2. wow a e850 @ 5ghz!?! You won't need that much power for a few years.
  3. You think the prices are low now, wait till Penryn comes out.
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