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Never really given OC'ing a shot until a couple weeks ago and it turned out horribly wrong for me. Tried OC'ing my ram(2 gb mushkin) on my ASUS M2N SLI-deluxe mobo with amd 6000 and it after getting a bit aggresive the comp didn't turn on(fans did, nothing booted). I ended up bringing it into the shop and they told em it looked like I shot the mobo, and after getting the mobo rma'd they realized i also probably shot the cpu.

Was this due to the fact that in a dumb move by me I keep trying to keep it on, hoping maybe it might bootup? Would resetting the bios have been all i needed to do?

Reason im asking is I decided to replace it with a Gigabyte DS3R mobo and Q6600 cpu with 2 gb ballistix 800 ram and was thinking about trying to OC(this time actually reading the guides rather than "winging" it and dont wanna fry the new equipment. Not really trying to be to agressive with the OC, probably to between 2.8 and 3 ghz, at least at first.

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  1. I dont know about AMD's but it's really hard to damage the gigabyte mb and intel processors, they have a lot of safety nets in place. If you go too far it resets and goes to default settings...

    Assuming amd rigs have simular features it sounds like a problem with the power supply to me, What power supply did you have and what do you plan on using for new build?
  2. I have a CoolerMaster eXtreme Power 650W psu that im keeping from that build for this one.
  3. also, the shop tried swapping out everything piece by piece before determing that it was the cpu and mobo that were f'd
  4. Im not sure what happened to you old components, one of my older core 2 duo sytems running on a Abit AW9D Max got fried one night, not sure what happened.

    If your thinking about getting a GIGABYTE mobo go with the GA-P35-DQ6, you can overclock a Q6600 up to 3.4GHz while leaving the voltage settings on auto. I have a guide on my website at check it out.
  5. Speed-Geek, thanks but already picked up the DS3R. From the reviews they both seemed good but decided to save a bit and go with the DS3R.

    Another question I thought of, when running Prime95, should you be near the computer in case something happens or is it fine to leave it running while out, say at work or sleeping?
  6. I would say run Prime95 in increments at first. Now I may be wrong but this makes me feel better about leaving the computer. Run it for 20 mins while keeping an eye on things, then for an hour or two. If all appears stable, you can let it run for the 12-24 hour tests.

    Please someone correct me if this is wrong, this is just what I've done because I too did not trust running the torture test right way w/out being there.
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