Which case should i buy?

Well i currently have a Micro ATX Motherboard and I'm deciding on two cases. Which case do you think would be better?

Vulcan - http://www.nzxt.com/new/products/crafted_series/vulcan


APEVIA X-JUPITER-JR S-Type - http://www.apevia.com/productsInfo.asp?KEY=X-JPJST-BK

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Both are fine. Choose by style alone. I personally think the Vulcan is way cooler, but it's entirely your decision.
  2. I have build 3 PCs with Apevia cases. I used to like them a lot and there is still not much wrong with them. THeir tech support was great when I tried to customize one case and broke a part - they just sent me a replacement for free (was a small piece of plastic covering a LED light).

    However, my last, slightly bigger computer I used a case from Fractal Design. Even though I had a few quibbles with some of the stuff in the case, I'm seriously considering another Fractal Design case for my next build - their R4 case has fixed some of the quibbles I had with the R3.

    But as the previous guy said, most cases are just fine and you should go with your personal preference.
  3. i prefer X-JPJST-BK.
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