24 pin psu connector for 20 pin mobo?

I tried searching several strings but all got no results =\

I just bought a Silencer 610 PSU for my older computer with an Asus A7n8X motherboard.

The PSU has a 12 row board connecter, and the board has a 10 row socket.

Is there anyway to fit this PSU to this motherboard? I was hoping to get a highly efficient, safe, and reliable PSU. I don't have the finances to upgrade to an all new PC right now though (lawsuit with disagreeable neighbor who piles boulders in our driveway and behind our vehicles, lol), and would like to get this to work if possible.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I haven't tried this yet, but I think you can plug a 24pin PSU into a 20 pin socket. The extra 4 pins just hang off the edge. If that doesn't work, return the 24 pin PSU for a 20+4 pin PSU. Thats what I'm running. You simply unhook the +4 bundle and tuck it out of the way.

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