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I'm looking to purchase an 8gb flash drive for under $100 but I still want something fast. I know that the corsair GT is fast but it's too pricy. Does anyone have any recommendations. I haven't found any sites with current comparisons.
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  1. I have the standard soft rubber coated Corsair "Flash Voyager" - looks the same as the GT and is only a little bit slower (hardly notice it! - it's still damn fast)) They don't break if you drop them too.. They've slightly changed the rubber caps too - less chance of losing it!
    Rubber Rod.
  2. I second Ironnads. I just picked up an 8GB Voyager and love it. It is rugged, and if you by chance do lose the cap Corsair will send you out a new one free of charge. Plus its very fast, fits your price range, and is half the price of the GT model.

    Also, heres a helpful It also recommends the Voyager but at the bottom it lists a bunch of reference sites. The article itself also compares a few of the top models. Good luck.
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