Mouse and Keyboard unresponsive upon boot to XP

I just installed a drive from my old work computer into my home computer. At home I run Windows 7 Pro 64. The work one is Windows XP Pro 32. I get to the screen where you need to select a user, but neither my mouse nor keyboard will work at all. Ive tried a different mouse and an old PS/2 keyboard. Nothing.

My work computer was hooked up to a network, but I dont believe it was networked controlled login, just windows controlled login. Either way, my mouse and keyboard should work. I used the same mouse at work as at home, so not a driver issue there. Both had nvidia vid cards, both were nvidia 775 mobos (650i at work, 680i at home), so shouldnt be a huge driver issue there.

Just a little stumped on it. Keyboard works in BIOS.

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  1. I have this exact same problem! really stumped as I really need to get XP working due to a firewire device I have that I can't get to work with Windows 7. Please someone help!
  2. After booting if you unplug then plug in the mouse and keyboard do they work?
  3. nope, that doesnt work. I've pretty much tried all the simple stuff I think its to do with its XP running from a different motherboard/usb ports or something like that
  4. You could try updating your motherboard drivers. I had a similar problem and this solved it. The only difference was that if I unplugged, then plugged in, the mouse worked again.
  5. thing is, how can i install these drivers onto windows XP when I can only access windows 7? I tried putting my motherboard driver CD in but when you click install theres no option on location, it just reinstalls them automatically to windows 7.

    I was thinking about maybe if i went to C:/Windows/Drivers and just copy and pasted everything to D:/Windows/Drivers? don't really know what I'm doing though
    worried i might mess up XP even worse tho :S
  6. What brand and model is your PC?
  8. sorry to hijack your thread by the way billin30! we have pretty much the same problem though so if mine gets sorted it'll prob be the same solution for you :)
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