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I'm wanting to add a second hard drive and partition both of them. I thought I would put the os on its own partition and have other partitions for games and pics... anyway, I was looking at partition magic and was wonder if it is good to get??

also, will I need to reinstall windows to do the partitions?

thanks for the help.
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  1. Partition Magic is an excellent program, been using it for years. You won't have to reinstall Windows after you partition. It's generally best to put the OS and programs on your C drive and data on second partition. If you have to reinstall Windows, you'll have to install your programs anyway. As to partitioning the second drive, unless you're putting an different OS on it about the only reason to partition it is to better organize your data. While the only times I've had problems with PM was once when the power went out while I was partitioning, now use a UPS, and a couple of times when I got stupid but would still be a could idea to back up your data on the second hard drive before partitioning.
  2. What are you trying to achieve?

    In order to use a hard drive it must have at least one partition.

    <IMHO >
    There is very little value in having multiple partitions on a drive. If you have your OS and programs on one partition and data on a second partition ON THE SAME DRIVE the only thing you gain is having a little bit more organisation. You still have shared mechanical components. If you want more performance just keep your OS and page file on the fastest drive and put everything else on your other drive. If you have IDE put one drive on each channel.

    I will always recommend putting a second drive in RAID 1, I have found that there is very little to be gained in real terms when you try to split OS, applications, save files, etc. across multiple devices or go for RAID 0. One day one of your drives will crash, with RAID 1 you won't loose anything.
  3. PM8 is wonderful. I've been using it for 2+ years.
  4. I agree with UncleDave. Additionally when you partition a drive you are in effect slowing it down.

    Hard Drives are so freakin cheap these days you're better off buying a seperate drive to put your apps on.
  5. Splitting a drive into partitions is how I preserve idiot family members "precious" data from themselves. When they finally spyware the crap outta the machine I just reinstall windows and all the data is still there on the other partition. It is true that it won't protect data in a hard drive failure, but I see far more hosed up windows installs and bad PSU's than hard drives failing on a day to day basis. And I use Partition Magic - It's great for formatting external drives, new hard drives, etc..
  6. Ol' Blue Eyes would say: I got you under my skin! and that is true about Partition gets under the skin of windows and allows you to move stuff around and partition and combine partitions in a way that no other program can and that you certainly can't do with windows itself...i won't condone stealing the program but bittorrent was my best friend when my box took $#!t on me a few months ago.

    and i agree with utaka95, the vast vast majority of problems with HDD's are not mechanical failures...that being said, I still store all my data on physically different HDD so that when my current does decide to eat itself alive (like it did last time) then I can zero out my drive (which i had to do to fix the MBR that was eff'd up and which winxp won't fix according to microsoft help desk tech named Tom from bangladesh which was a blatant lie, his ass was named habeeb but that's another thread and another rant) and not have to worry about losing data...depends on how paranoid you want to be.
  7. any thoughts on how i should partition the drives?

    I was thinking windows on the c drive, then games and apps on another partition. On my second drive I was going to put all my data

    for the c drive I was thinking a partition of 20gb
  8. UncleDave and pip_seeker are both clueless.
    No, partitions do not affect performance.
    Its a much better idea to have multiple partitions as if one gets screwed up you don't lose everything.
    Also if you put windows in its own partition you can limit how much disk space it steals for itself.
  9. mrmjs said:
    any thoughts on how i should partition the drives?

    I was thinking windows on the c drive, then games and apps on another partition. On my second drive I was going to put all my data

    for the c drive I was thinking a partition of 20gb

    If you're putting your data on a 2nd drive, not sure there is any reason to partition the drive with the OS/programs. If you have to do a clean install, full format, you'll have to reinstall all your programs anyway. If the 1st drive is large enough, partition it and put your data on the 2nd partition and back it up on the 2nd drive. Other than partitioning to separate data from Windows, you would do it for organizing data, e.g., on my work computer I have OS/programs on C, work stuff on D, and everything else on E including downloads, photos and other none work data. Since my work stuff changes daily it's easy to back up every day, just back up my D partition/drive. I also have a 2nd drive for back up that is not partitioned. But again, how many partitions really depends on what works best for you in terms of organizing your data. This is one of the advantages of PM, you can change the size of partitions as well as add or join partitions. Until you've worked with partitions for a well, it's really tough to know what set up works for you and you'll find you'll make a lot of changes initially.
  10. I always have Windows and apps on the first partition of a drive (15-20gb) and use the rest as storage.

    I then use the first partition of the second drive for games (40gb+, depending on how many games you like to have on your PC), giving them the full performance of their own drive. The rest of the drive is used as storage.

    You have to remember that when you partition a drive, it starts at the outside edge of the platter (which is the fastest part of the drive). This is why partitioning is always a good idea, as you have the disc divided into faster and slower sections, not to mention more effecient defrags.
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