2900xt CF on dual x16 (at x38 chipset)

all intel chipsets that support CF has x16/x4 or at asus x8/x8 slots.
at x38 chipset they will finaly by x16/x16 slots for CF.

so in that case, that x2900xt will preforme better?
today it sucks compered to the GTX or Ultra,
but i have a 1920x1200, so i have to go dual....

maybe at PCIe 2.0 we'll see good pref at 1920x1200 with only one card....

what do you think?

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  1. 2900XTs' performance gains linearly from overclocking the PCI-E bus, meanign that it may be having some bandwidth issues, that said, yes, it should see soem performance gain from the 16x/16x instead of 8x/8x.

    27" isn't huge, 30" is esp at 2560x1600 :P, check my build. i dopn't have fps issues, because at a rez of 2560x1600 there is no need for aa because of the pixle density :p
  2. so what you'r saying is that if i won't use aa i don't need dual vga?
    will aa make a different in 1920x1200 res?
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