OS replacement

I have a WD 640mb, 16mb cache, drive with my OS on it, Vista.
I have a Seagate 640mb, 32 mb cache, drive I use as a data storage unit.
I just bought a WD 1 TB, 32 mb cache, drive.

I built this computer almost 2 years ago and it needs a reload of the OS.
I want to transfer all my data from the Seagate and put it on the WD 1TB.
I want to reformat the Seagate and use it as my OS drive.
Then reformat my WD 640 and use it as an extra drive.

1. Can I load the OS on a different drive with all of them connected?
2. Should I pull the current OS drive and load the OS on the other drive?
3. When I reformat the drive how should I reformat it in Disk Management.
4. Is there a thread I missed with all teh instructions I need?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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