How to rectify OxC00005 error of operating system


While running the operating system i found "The Application failed to initialized property (OXCO00005).Click ok to terminate the application.

Please let me know how to solve this issue.

An input on abve issue is highly appreciated.

Thank's and Regards,
Ajay Kumar
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  1. It seems to be windows media player issue, try to download & install a fresh copy of windows media player.

    If still you get error, try uninstalling your dvd player software(s) and try again.

    If so re install your dvd player software again!

    hope this helps! :)
  2. OXCO00005 means Something is trying to access memory that you either don't have, or is outside it's allocated range.

    If you haven't installed anything new (software or drivers) recently, try running a RAM test (Ultimate Boot CD), also try looking in the Windows Event Messages to see if there is a message identifying the process.
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